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About us

UseTech is 10 years old (est. 2006), has over 200 employees across 5 R&D locations and 2 Representative offices. Our team is composed of experienced Analysts, Software and Embedded Developers, Testers, Designers, Architects and series of niche professionals in a wide spectrum of Open Source and proprietary technologies.

We serve Retail, Wholesale and E-commerce companies, all under intense Omni Channel pressure of changing consumer preferences and accelerating technology and business innovations. They are all transforming themselves into Click and Mortar businesses. This requires:

• Robust infrastructure

• Flexible architecture

• Fast cycles from analysis to deployment

• Full stack development

• Simple, clear and effective design

• Above all, focus on consumer value in everything

We help our clients to achieve this transformation by supporting their build up of flexible architecture and by designing consumer touchpoints for an increasing number of complex use cases.

In architecture we support our client’s enhancements of their SOA, Micro Services or PaaS platforms to create flexible capabilities that can embrace quick and frequent changes to their business process automation. For example we enabled our clients to introduce digital price tags, new consumer mobile apps and real time inventory to their e-commerce OMS as well as to POS software. To help insure value of our work to our client’s consumers we embrace DevOps whenever practical. In Omni Channel consumer is at the center of every effort. To achieve this we designed and implemented for our clients series of new applications: Mobile loyalty card, location based coupons, Mobile Sales Representative application and many other scenarios that enabled our clients to engage with their consumers in a more productive and new ways.