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Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Managing a large network of suppliers, thousands of inventory items, and ordering them to maximize the bottom line is complex enough. Omni Channel has deepened this complexity further. On top of that, Procurement strategies are getting segmented in many ways. Automating these processes requires constant change.

 We help our customers cut through all the complexities with supporting their Micro Services or PaaS platforms build ups and increasingly developing many services required by specific groups of employees to become extremely effective. Agile teams of full stack developers create solutions quickly and reliably.

Weather it is real-time deep analytics of supplier’s offers and management of the ordering process, aggregated review of supply chain management or Inventory Management decision support, our approach insures our clients get high quality solutions to their highest priority problems quickly and reliably.

Mobile Corporate Portal

Expanding the Corporate Portal to the mobile channel has helped the Client reverse a year long trend of decreasing usage and opened the door to valuable new use cases.

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